Chapter 1 : Full story of the history of Motoske original designed UDU
Chapter 2 : How Motoske designs his UDU
Chapter 3 : Who is Motoske Hagiwara
Chapter 4 : Motoske's home on the mountain
Chapter 5 : Nature of Tama
Chapter 6 : TBD

Chapter 1: Full story of the history of Motoske original designed UDU.

Do you know what is UDU?

UDU is a kind of musical instrument.
Usually, a jar shaped product of clay.
Played by a percussionist.
Originally, some of the UDU was made by native African People, they said.
I imagine the UDU of that age was very simple shaped.
And sounded with simple note.

It seems to be May of 2000 that Motoske Hagiwara and his fellows began to create original UDU.
Even Motoske does not remember accurate date of the beginning. It means nothing.
Motoske says " I'd noticed that when I tapped the small mouse of a jar, it sounded cool. I'd been wondering how can I make musical instrument of earthenware for long time."

Motoske, not only a ceramic artist but also skilled mechanical designer, loves creating something new.
But, he'd not had good idea of new musical instrument of earthenware yet.

One day, one of his friends, a sitar player, climbed up the mountain where Motoske lives and stayed there over night.

Together, they enjoyed wine and session of a sitar and percussion.
Then, the sitar player took a jar out of his bag. And began to play.
It was the very moment that Motoske met with UDU for the first time.
For Motoske, the UDU looked like the jar he had seen in the Japanese animation "Hakushon-daimaou". There was a hole on the side of the jar.

The sitar player tapped the jar in many way.
According to his way of tapping, the jar sounded in many way.
High and low, it sounded so cool. The sitar player tapped more and more. Then, their tension became higher and higher. Ofcourse, Motoske tried to tap the jar also. They began to play UDU by turns. When their excitement came to top level, the accident was happened.
"Oh my God! What's the matter!" The sitar player shouted in his mind and kept silence. He seemed to try to keep his patience.

Motoske says "It was a little curious for me, because the jar must be made for tapping but the jar was broken by tapping easily."

"Don't worry, I will make the same jar for you. As you know, I'm ceramic artist." said Motoske to the disappointed sitar player.

Motoske burns his earthenware in conditions of higher temperature and longer time compared with as usual. So, his products are very hard. It's not so easy to break his earthenware by tapping.
He had confidence in him at that time.

It took about for two month for Motoske to make the same shaped UDU. As Motoske had thought, the new UDU was much harder than the one broken. So, they could tap the UDU much harder and could create louder, various sound with it. The sitar player was astonished and pleased. Gave Motoske many thanks.
It didn't take long time for Motoske to create brand-new original designed UDU this time. He began to try various design for making various sound.
As a result of his research, brand-new designed UDU was created at last.
He's been producing many type of UDU. For example, mono horn,double horn, triple horn, flat, tall, fat, small, and so on.
You can try some of pictures and their sound here.
You'll be able to enjoy more soon.
This is full story of the history of Motoske original designed UDU.


Chapter 2 : How Motoske designs his UDU

Motoske has created several types of UDU. Big or small, single horn or multi horns. Every shape has its own meaning.
Motoske says "When I create a UDU, I always try to be an air in the jar."
He knows that UDU it self would not vibrate so much when it's tapped. The UDU sounds cool when the vibrated air is well controlled by hands and it's own structure.
"I imagine how the air goes threw inside of the UDU, and how it will sound. Which shape will create the sound I want."
According to his imagination, he decides to make the UDU with various structure.
"UDU sound is very simple and neutral. It heals our body and brain. Just like the sound that a baby hears in his mother's body."
"So, you can enjoy the UDU with a sound of single tapping. As well as a session with other instruments."
"UDU is the one of musical instrument for that we human being originally needed."

Chapter 3 : Who is Motoske Hagiwara

Here's Mtoske's profile by himself.
1952 I was born in Kagoshima prefecture (southern part of Japan).
        Grew up in Kanagawa prefecture (middle part of Japan)
1971 Studied oil painting in the art college.
       (I wondered why all of my favorite artists were from Spain. And could not keep my self leaving the question unsolved.)
1978 Stayed in Mallorca Spain for about half year.
I found out what is origin of the creation while I was there.
After I came back home, I started to expand my field of creation.
My field of creation has expanded to not only second dimension, but also third and forth dimension.
Now I'm creating oil paintings and logo designs and some other works as second dimension.
As third dimension creation, I have experienced works of resin, chasing, dressmaking, wood works, and other works.
Now my main creation is ceramic art.
As forth dimension creation, I design and produce special ordered machinery and concern with visual works.

To be continued.

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